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There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing a financial institution that fits your needs. Some of these decisions are made for you based on your location, the services available, and your personal needs. But it’s important to make sure your financial institution can help you hit your money goals.


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What to Do if Your Identity is Stolen

If your identity has been stolen, your credit union can help you stop the damage, protect your information, and safeguard against future compromises.

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How to Pay for a Wedding

Learn the pros and cons of ways to pay for a wedding, factors that influence cost, and questions to ask everyone who intends to help fund the big day.

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Why should you consider a credit union?

Credit unions are focused on you, not shareholders. 

  • Credit unions have an interest in making their communities stronger and are focused on helping their members meet their financial potential. 
  • At a credit union, you can get more personalized service than you might receive at a bank. 

Because credit unions are not-for-profit and serve their members, profits are shared with members through:

  • Higher yields on savings accounts
  • Fewer and lower fees
  • Lower loan interest rates
  • Individualized lending flexibility




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