Savings Accounts

Let your money make money.

A savings account is a type of bank account that allows you to safely store and deposit money while earning interest.


Saving for a vacation? Planning for a home renovation? Securing your family in the event of an emergency? No matter what your financial goals are, a savings account can help you achieve them. With a smart saving strategy, you can be ready for all of life’s ups and downs.


Explore more about opening a savings account at a credit union. 

How to open a savings account
How to Open a Savings Account

Learn how to open a savings account in seven steps, including how interest works on a savings account and how savings accounts work at a credit union.

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Kids savings account
Kid's Savings Accounts: A Complete Guide

Learn how to open a kid's savings account at a credit union and discover the many benefits that help set your child on the path to financial success.

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Learn About Features of Savings Accounts

Opening a savings account can be a step towards financial freedom. Learn about different features and get started building your financial future today.

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Benefits of Savings Accounts

A savings account can be another way towards financial independence. Not only are they convenient and safe, but there are tons of benefits to opening a savings account.

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Types of Savings Accounts

Choosing the best savings account might be confusing with so many options. We’ll break it down so you can get started saving for the things that matter most.

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CD Blog
Do I Need a CD (Certificate of Deposit)?

A credit union certificate of deposit can be a great investment option that offers a guaranteed return without the ups and downs of the stock market.

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Why should you consider a credit union?


Credit unions are focused on you, not shareholders. 

  • Credit unions have an interest in making their communities stronger and are focused on helping their members meet their financial potential. 
  • At a credit union, you can get more personalized service than you might receive at a bank. 

Because credit unions are not-for-profit and serve their members, profits are shared with members through:

  • Higher yields on savings accounts
  • Fewer and lower fees
  • Lower loan interest rates
  • Individualized lending flexibility

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