When You're Here, You're Family

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    At credit unions, you’re always welcome to the dinner table - you're considered family. Hear from credit union members about their experiences with their credit union families and learn why you should join a credit union.


    When You’re Here, You’re Family. You might remember this catchy phrase as the tagline for Olive Garden back in the day. The restaurant chain kicked the famous slogan to the curb in 2012, and selfishly, I think that was a good move. That slogan resonates more with the credit union industry than any other industry I can think of.

    Reflect on the last interaction you had with your financial institution. Were they excited to see you? Did they know your name? Were they interested in listening to your needs and offering honest advice? If you answered no to these questions, it’s likely you’re not yet a member of a credit union.

    At credit unions, you’re always welcome to the dinner table.

    Hear from credit union members about their experiences with their credit union families and learn why you should join a credit union.

    You’re a Member, Not a Customer

    Credit unions don’t have “customers.” They have Members. You’re not just an anonymous customer at a credit union, but a valued member of the family. They care about who you are and really make an effort to get to know each and every person who walks through their doors. It’s in the DNA of all credit unions to make service a priority, and it shows. In fact, 96% of credit union members favor their experience over a bank.

    One great example of this is told by Jessica J., a member of Unison Credit Union in Kaukauna, WI. Jessica writes, “Each time I am lucky enough to have Mary take care of my banking needs she has practically known what I needed before I stated it. She recognizes me even though I drive different vehicles sometimes. Mind you I have only been banking regularly with your organization for a few months.”

    Paul W., a member of Stage Point Federal Credit Union in Laramie, WY, shares a similar experience. “It made me smile when I walked into the [credit union] a few weeks ago and the teller greeted me by name. I’m only there once a month at best and that made me feel like the bank actually appreciates me as a customer. They make me actually look forward to visiting my bank and dealing with them.”

    These are not unique experiences. When you’re a member of a credit union, you’re part of the family.

    People Helping People

    The credit union philosophy is “People Helping People”, and it is evident in everything credit unions do - from the people they hire to the way they treat their members and communities. And living by this philosophy is contagious!

    Nanci W., an employee of University Federal Credit Union in Grand Forks, ND, experienced what it feels like to be a part of a credit union family. Nanci writes, “My son’s ceiling fell this summer due to an unknown hole in the roof. A contractor came, took a down payment, and ran with the money. An amazing credit union member reached out to me and said her husband would help us because the credit union had helped them so much!”

    Vibrant Credit Union in Moline, IL, shared a similar story about “people helping people”. “Big shout out to members like John! While he was at one of our branches, he saw another member having car problems. After trying to fix it himself, he drove the other member to a parts store, and helped him get his car back up and running! A kind gesture goes a long way!” This is what it looks like to be a member of a credit union.

    When you’re here, you’re family.

    Your Goals are the Credit Union’s Goals

    Credit unions provide you with personalized service to help you reach your goals sooner. They’ve got your back!

    Ina, a member of Pyramid Federal Credit Union in Tucson, AZ, experienced this firsthand. Ina shares, “After a painful messy divorce Pyramid was the only lender willing to give me a second mortgage so I could pay my debts and keep my children’s home.”  

    Bill F., a member of TruStone Financial in Burnsville, MN, shares this sentiment. “They have helped me through thick and thin, with honest answers to my questions and took a personal interest in helping me… They told me the truth every time, whether I wanted to hear it or not. Thanks Firefly, keep up the good work.”

    Whatever your goals and dreams are, they’re your credit union’s goals too. Find your credit union today.

    Family for Life

    Once you’re part of the credit union family, you’re a member for life! Whether you move, switch jobs, or experience any other major life event, your credit union has your back – always.

    Kathy G. a member of Forrit Credit Union in Portland, OR, knows what it feels like when your credit union is part of your family for life. “I have moved away from Oregon and live in another state, but no matter what, I always have a friendly person to help if I ever need any help at all. I love this credit union!”

    A member of Fort Community Credit Union in Fort Atkinson, WI, also talks about her credit union family “I’ve banked with FCCU for 15 years. They helped us purchase our first home and have always been there to help us navigate things financially.”

    William H., a long-time member of DuPage Credit Union in Naperville, IL, shares, “Now in my 47th year as a member. One of the best organizations I’ve ever been affiliated with.”

    Trust your money with an organization that promises to have your back and treat you like family. Because when you’re here, you’re family!

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