Credit Unions Provide Superior Personal Service

In every industry, consumers crave the personal touch.

The finance sector is no different.

You're looking for a financial institution that delivers a unique, flexible customer experience with a high level of customer service. Credit unions are legendary for offering all that plus personalized customer service to each member. You're not an account number at a credit union; you're a valued member.  

If you're looking for a better financial experience, locate a credit union for unmatched customer service, great rates, and a people-first attitude.   

couple meeting with credit union associate

How Do Credit Unions offer Better Customer Service?

Credit unions have a long history of offering a better customer experience. Much of it has to do with a credit union's cooperative management style, focus on members as human beings and not account numbers, and a commitment to the local community. Consumers value being treated as a partner. 

Cooperative Management 

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that serve their members. Banks are for-profit and accountable to shareholders and investors. Customers at banks will have no say in how the bank operates. Credit unions return earnings to members in the form of lower rates, higher interest on savings, and lower fees. Every credit union member has equal ownership, whether they have $5 in an account or $500,000. 

Members, Not Customers

Join a credit union, and you'll be a member, not a customer. As a member, you're a part-owner, which means you have a say in how the credit union operates and who is on the board of directors. Members share in the credit union's success, usually through lower fees, higher interest rates, or even cashback in your pocket. 

People over Profits

Credit unions care about the community they're in and the people they serve. "People over profits" is an expression you hear regarding credit unions, and it's true. Unlike traditional financial institutions, where profits only go to shareholders, credit union earnings go back to the members. During financial crises' credit unions are known for putting their members first by modifying products or services for people in need. 

Community Involvement

As a local lender, a credit union reinvests members' deposits back into the community they serve. When you open an account in a credit union, you support businesses and families to receive loans, mortgages, and finances for education. Many credit unions will set up scholarship programs, donation drives for local hospitals and food banks, support animal rescue groups, and so much more. During natural disasters, credit unions play a major role in helping local businesses get back on track quickly.

Commitment to Education 

Check your local credit union for financial planning services and financial literacy programs. Many programs are implemented at the middle school age and through college. Financial literacy teaches people financial responsibility and preparation for lifelong financial success after graduation and beyond. Financial education isn't only for the young. There are many programs, workshops, and materials to support your financial fitness, no matter your age. Talk with a credit union representative for more information.

Customer and Branch Personal Touch

When you're a member, you're a part of a community. Each credit union will offer its brand of personal touch and services. From knowing your name when you come into the door or a deep understanding of a member's needs, all credit unions will exceed members' needs through the products and services they provide. 


Ready to Become a Credit Union Member?



Credit unions continue to rate high in customer satisfaction and are a smart move when looking to start a new financial relationship. If you're looking to move out of your traditional financial institution, locate a credit union near you and learn more ways members and their community benefit.