How Credit Unions Invest in Your Community

Credit unions give back to their local communities in many ways.

In addition to offering financial literacy classes, credit unions assist local businesses and farmers with access to funds to grow their businesses. Many credit unions offer free financial classes, no-fee accounts, and micro-loans and support members with scholarships and grants. 

When you choose a credit union, your money is invested back into the community through loans and other services. Find a credit union near you and learn more about how credit unions invest in their communities. 

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Why Local Credit Unions Matter

When you open an account at a credit union, your money stays in the local community. It will be used to help a family get a mortgage, finance a student's education, or help a local business owner open a new store. 

How Credit Unions Give Back to Members

Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations; they don't have shareholders like traditional banks. Members are what makes a credit union. Conventional banks will deliver shareholders portions of their profits. Credit unions give back earnings to members through better rates and lower fees.

Financial Literacy and Education

Credit unions are committed to financial literacy and education, no matter the age. Credit unions offer a wide range of classes and services to help individuals towards lifelong financial freedom. A few areas that a course may focus on:

Each credit union will have a unique financial education program that may include in-person workshops, on-demand videos, printouts, and other resources and tools. Programs can focus on a specific age range from teens, college students, and adults.  

Local Lending

Credit unions are excellent sources of local lending services. Many credit unions will lend during times of economic crisis while traditional banks pull back lending to individuals and businesses. Additional reasons members choose local lending with a credit union over a bank include:  

Credit unions as a source of local lending can give members a wealth of knowledge on the community and its economy. Plus, offer unique loan products and, of course, a high level of personalized service. 

Supporting Local Businesses and Charitable Organizations

Credit unions are committed to their community. During times of crisis, credit unions always go above and beyond in supporting members and the community. Credit unions raise awareness or funds through "challenges" to members. These challenges may consist of committing money or time to an organization or charity. Examples of ways credit unions assist communities: 

Ready to Become a Credit Union Member?

Credit unions not only offer you advantages but your community as well. If you're looking to change how you do banking, check out a credit union near you and learn more ways you and your community can benefit. 

Find the right Credit Union for you

There are more than 5000 credit unions to choose from across the U.S.