Where Can I Find a Credit Union?

Credit unions are everywhere.

Finding a credit union is a lot easier than you think. Use the handy matcher tool and find a credit union that fits your needs. If you're concerned about eligibility requirements, rest assured. With over 5,000 credit unions across the country, we're confident you'll find one that you're eligible to join, has the products and services you want, and aligns with your values.

Read on for information on credit unions, their coast-to-coast network, surcharge-free ATMs, and more.

What is a CO-OP Shared Branch?

The CO-OP Shared Branch network allows a member of one credit union to conduct certain transactions at another credit union across town or the country. The CO-OP Shared Branch network consists of over 5,600 branches across the US and every state. This means that you have convenient access when you move or travel.  

Credit unions may be part of other ATM networks. Check with your credit union to see which network they are affiliated with. Credit unions offer 24/7 access anytime, anywhere through online banking and mobile apps; and most services that can be done in person can be done through a mobile app or online banking. Talk with your credit union representative for further details. 

Finding ATMs

Shared branching also allows credit union members surcharge-free access to over 30,0000 ATMs. ATMs are located in credit union branches, convenience and grocery stores, and other locations. 

What Services Can I Use When Visiting a Shared Branch? 

CO-OP shared branching allows members to conduct business almost anywhere. Whether it's traveling, emergencies, or just for convenience purposes with the shared branch network, you'll get the same excellent customer service. Members can do the following activities at a shared branch:

You may be charged a small fee when using particular services at a shared branch. Check the visiting branch beforehand for any fees that might apply. If visiting a military credit union or those located in a federal building, access may be limited due to restricted areas. Check the shared branch website or call ahead. 

Convenience Wherever You Are

Security, low fees, excellent rates, and personalized service comes standard at credit unions. If having a physical location near you is a must, rest assured that members can visit thousands of brick-and-mortar locations across the country. With a bit of research, you can find the right credit union for your needs and values. Start searching today and get started on saving for the future.