What Documents Do I Need to Prepare My Taxes?

    Key Summary
    Knowing what documents are needed to prepare your taxes can help prevent filing errors and save you money! Make sure to have the following types of information and documents ready to go: personal, spouse, and dependent information, as well as income and expense documents.


    Whether you prepare your taxes yourself or get help from a professional, knowing what documents you’ll need can save you a headache, and perhaps even some money! Prevent tax filing errors by having the following information and documents ready to go. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, just common tax documents. Every situation is different – if you’re unsure whether to include something in your tax filing, consult a tax professional.  

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    Personal and Spouse Information 

    Include all information and documents that apply: 

    • Your Social Security Number (SSN) or tax ID number 
    • Your spouse’s full name and Social Security Number or tax ID number 
    • Your unexpired, government-issued photo ID 
    • Birth dates for you and your spouse 
    • Tax returns from the previous two years, if you have them 
    • Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN), if you have one 


    Dependent(s) Information 

    Include all information and documents that apply: 

    • Social Security Numbers or tax ID numbers for any dependents 
    • Birth dates for any dependents 
    • Childcare records (including the provider’s tax ID number) if applicable 
    • Form 8332 when the child’s custodial parent is releasing their right to claim a child to the noncustodial parent (if applicable) 


    Income Documents 

    Include all documents that apply: 

    Employment Income 

    • Form(s) W-2 for all jobs the previous year – your employer is required to provide you with Form W-2 by January 31st. 

    Unemployment Income  

    • Form 1099-G for unemployment benefits 

    Self-Employment Income 

    • Forms 1099-NEC and/or 1099-K 
    • Records of any income not reported on 1099 forms 
    • Documents of all expenses – credit card statements, receipts, etc. 
    • Records of estimated tax payments made – Form 1040-ES 
    • Home office information, if applicable 
    • Business-use asset information (cost, date placed in service, etc.) for depreciation 

    Retirement Income 

    • Form 1099-R for Pension, IRA, and/or annuity income 
    • SSA-1099 for Social Security benefits 
    • Form 8606 for Traditional IRA basis showing amounts already taxed 

    Other Sources of Income 

    • Form 1099-G for a refund of state/local income taxes 
    • Form 1098-T for scholarships and/or fellowships 
    • Income or loss from the sale of stocks, bonds, or real estate 
    • Income or loss from a rental property 
    • Alimony received 
    • Statements for prizes of lottery and/or gambling winnings 
    • Cost of all cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other similar types of income sales
    • Forms 1099-INT/1099-DIV for interest and dividend statements 
    • Records for any other income 


    Expense Documents  

    You may be able to claim tax deductions for some expenses. These deductions reduce the total income you are taxed on. Include all documents that apply: 

    • Retirement contributions, including 401(k) and/or IRA 
    • State and local taxes you’ve paid 
    • Form 1098 or other mortgage interest statements 
    • Real estate and personal property tax records 
    • College tuition (Form 1098-T) and student loan statements (Form 1098-E
    • Cash amounts donated to religious organizations, schools, and other charitable organizations 
    • Records of non-cash charitable donations 
    • Amount of miles driven for charitable purposes 
    • Childcare expenses, including payment records or receipts and provider’s name, address, and federal tax ID number  
    • Medical and dental bills 
    • Records for supplies used as an educator


    Other Tax Documents or Notices 

    • Form 1095-A if you have coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace 
    • Any documents from the IRS, Health Insurance Marketplace, your state tax agency, or anything that says “IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENT” 
    • Insurance reimbursements or claims to be paid 
    • Form 5498-SA showing HAS contributions           

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